Not sure where my words went in my post

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      I wrote 2 posts yesterday and one was accidently deleted and the other one just showed the photos….I guess I have a lot more to figure out on this word press it is a lot different then my blogger blog, I still can’t put  the box links to parties and to blogs. I copy the code but don’t know how to add.

Last nite I was lying in bee with my bone healing machine on listening to the rain and playing with photos. I downloaded the app Painnt it is such fun. I also have to use the machine at least 10 hrs. a day . I broke my femur in Aug. 2016 and had a rod and screws put in but I found out in Nov 2017 that it has not healed together, so we are trying this machine. I go back on Feb 5 to see if there is any progress. If not they may have to do surgery again…I really want to get out of this wheelchair. So I have my fingers crossed .

   As far as the broncitius it is starting to get better , had it since Jan 2, kicked my butt. A least I’m not spending all day in bed…this is the second round of meds. The doc said I should feel a lot better by next week.

My girls were hear this weekend because it was my oldest birthday on Sunday. We had a nice dinner of meatloaf, mashed pot and sweet and sour greenbeans………….was very good and we had a great time. Also had a cookie cake for dessert. The young ladies we over to my fence to feed the neighbors horses.


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