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 I depend on these three to get me around I  love them so much.    Today has been busy, my daughter picked me up and took us for a haircut..it was in desperate need I would wake up each day with it sticking up in all directions………….I couldn’t stand it any more , cured me of trying to let it grow. I got it cut short because

Cruise from Hell

 I need easy styling since my right shoulder was replaced and it can’t be held up long to use the curling iron,  also makes it hard to paint using my large easel {reaching out to canvas is difficult}. I  guess it takes lots of exercise to try to get it work right.

  My bronchitis is starting to get better, the meds are working.  I am laying on the bed using the bone growth healer machine, I have to have it on a total of 10 hours a day. Hopefully in 2 month it will some bone growth in the spiral fracture of my femur so I do not have to go  through the surgery again. I broke my femur on a cruise last Aug  2016……….. had to be flown out of Bahamas to Tampa by Jet ICU  killed my bank account[next time travel ins. for sure, if the is a next time]  just found out in Nov that is was not healed yet and it took ins. till Dec 23 to ok machine now another 2 months till they check leg.  I want to get out of this chair…I was using  my walker till the pain got so bad and that is when I found out it wasn’t healed. I am in the chair because I don’t want to fall again. That would not be good. So I can’t put my wheelchair in the car so some has to help me, but I can go grocery shopping because they will bring  a handicap cart to

short hair

your car, thankful for that. Well enough about me.

   I put my etsy shop on vacation while I go through my supplies and figure out what I really want to focus on. I have some jewelry and soap and soy crafts in a small spa boutique and my one daughter wants to start doing a market on Sundays. I’m game. As long as someone loads and unloads[ think that’s a was for the 17 year old to earn towards the car ].

Have a good day everyone….

things can hopefully only get better